For the best blogging techniques and promotion of your articles, we present our articles to help you. All about WordPress templates and presentation tips!


Our goal is to help people who have planned to start with blogs to bring them into the world of blogging and WordPress templates. We want to show some schemes that can help in writing and creating websites.
Also, we are here to help people who do not possess the advanced web knowledge making presentations. The articles consist of the most effective presentation layouts that will be of interest to their users.

For presentation training, we recommend SlideHeroes.

Template and wordpress

We can explain a website template in another way. The template is a group of letters, words, sentences, tables, which we place in more articles. And its types are: Wikipedia templates, User templates, Template templates, Geographical templates, Template templates, Template that use navigation, Articles Uniformed Template, Template made from multiple templates

WordPress's default topics have a definite, but recognizable header position with a blog title and subheading, the position of the text, the feedbacks and the futures.

Types of presentations

We can divide each presentation into 3 categories:

Only with pictures and diagrams

This type of presentation is based on the listener getting into the subject in question. That's why it's the best kind of presentation that focuses on you how to get closer to listeners.

Presentation with text only

One of the most unpredictable species. The whole preface is filled with text that the person himself tells what leads to the fact that few people will remember anything. Most read and do not remember anything, so this kind of species is used less in practice.

Only slide text, one picture

The code for this presentation on the slide where the text is located is short theses (some guidance) while the image with the slide is complemented by the text that is uttered.

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