Nowadays, there are a lot of people starting out with the blogs and many of them have worked with us and taught from us. Every start is hard but finding the topic you are about to write is even harder. There are so many people on this planet, and you have to choose a topic that nobody has processed. Or if it is you must be ready to write better than him. Realizing that there are a lot of blogs that, frankly, lose time writing, we have realized that we can earn a lot (in every sense) by providing only help. We decided to change the subject of our blog and switch to helping and directing other bloggers.

Personal experience of how to start a blog

As we have rich experience in the web industry and our team consists of six people, we decided to encourage you to start your own blog. Mark, our CPU, is responsible for keeping the blog updated with all the things and he is also the expert for WordPress templates.

Robert is the brainstorming geek who likes to teach people all the time. Below is his short manual guide for starting a personal blog that is a short version of his two-hour presentation on the subject. We will post it some other time. So how to start your blog?

How to do this? With a little effort, believe it or not, you can install and write your own blog yourself. There are plenty of free (open source) platforms for blogging. Personally, I recommend WordPress - for several obvious reasons:

- It is very easy to install

- Easy to use - it can be used by anyone who knows the basics of working on a computer.

- On your hosting server, you only need PHP and a database, which almost every hosting can provide with very little financial investment on your part.

- Use WordPress with customized templates

-Create your own presentations